Jamie on judging Scotland’s best

Jamie had the honour of being asked to judge at two of the largest pre-Christmas shows in Scotland.

He was invited to judge the carcase championship at the Scottish National Premier Meat Exhibition, run by the Scottish National Fatstock Club and Scotbeef at the end of November, and the butchers’ cattle sector of the Aberdeen Christmas Classic at Thainstone Agricultural Centre in early December. The stock on display at both events were impressive, despite the challenge which producers had in finishing cattle in last year’s tough weather conditions.

“The farmers who regularly win these type of shows live and breathe the livestock business and the animals they turn out are tremendous examples of what is possible, given that sort of attention,” said Jamie.  “The animal I selected as champion at Thainstone really stood out while the top four in my Scottish National list were extremely close in quality. 

“What I particularly liked about the Scottish National event was the fact that farmers were encouraged to see their entries in carcase form.  You can definitely learn a lot as a producer from looking at the final product.”

Jamie followed his judging stint by purchasing some prize-winning cattle at the Christmas Classic, providing customers of John Scott Meat with the chance to taste the very best quality of Scotland’s 2012 output.

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