Jamie Scott

Jamie divides his time between running the family farm, buying stock from suppliers and visiting the Sandyford headquarters to check on carcase quality and ensure the business is providing exactly what customers want.  

“Because we’re dealing mainly with farmers who have been supplying us with cattle and sheep over many years, there aren’t a lot of unpleasant surprises,” he said.  “Our farmers understand what we need for our business and we only deal with those we know can deliver consistent good quality.”

The close links between Jamie and his farmers means he can spend quite a bit of time each day answering the standard ‘how did they grade today’ call.  

“I don’t mind that,” he said.  “The producers who supply us want to know as soon as possible how good their work is and how successful they are at judging when stock are ready to send to us.”

Although the vast majority of stock are supplied direct to John Scott Meat, Jamie still takes the odd day out to buy cattle at livestock markets.

“It’s a valuable contact point for me with our suppliers in that area and a chance to talk to them about what we want and how their cattle and sheep fit with our customers’ demands.”

Jamie is also a member of the executive council of the Scottish Association of Meat Wholesalers. 

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