Supreme quality at Royal Highland

Hazel and Jamie both spent a day at the Royal Highland Show (June 20-23) and were impressed by the supreme quality of livestock on display.

“It was particularly good to see some of our regular cattle and sheep suppliers involved at the top end of the challenge for Highland Show honours,” said Hazel.  “Seeing the very best of Scottish beef and lamb production together in one place is always a welcome reminder of the level of quality we work with on a daily basis.  We never take it for granted, however.”

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Looking into the Future

We’d like to be able to contact you quickly and effectively via e-mail or on the website with special deals, opening times and other details. Please help do this by completing the following form and returning it to us.

Looking into the Future

Thank you

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New Season Lamb

Early supplies of new season lamb are starting to come through with some excellent quality levels already available.

“We have held back our introduction of new season lamb a little this year to give supplies a chance to build up to the level of demand which the launch always generates,” said Hazel Scott, Managing Director of John Scott Meat.  “Although we’re still in the first supply stage at present, we’re happy to discuss requirements with clients who wish to also start offering a new season taste to their customers.”

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Plea for 12% coupled cattle support

John Scott Meat applauds the CAP Reform comments made by SAMW president, Alan McNaughton, during the Association’s annual conference in Glasgow on April 20.

“Alan urged the UK Government to help create a fresh platform for growth by looking again at the case for Scotland to be given a 12% coupled payment option for cattle production, rather than the 7% currently on the table,” said Jamie Scott, who is a member of the SAMW executive council.  “Other EU countries are set to get 12% under the current CAP Reform process and our producers should get the same.  We vitally need this level of support to boost livestock production in Scotland.”

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Jamie on judging Scotland’s best

Jamie had the honour of being asked to judge at two of the largest pre-Christmas shows in Scotland.

He was invited to judge the carcase championship at the Scottish National Premier Meat Exhibition, run by the Scottish National Fatstock Club and Scotbeef at the end of November, and the butchers’ cattle sector of the Aberdeen Christmas Classic at Thainstone Agricultural Centre in early December. The stock on display at both events were impressive, despite the challenge which producers had in finishing cattle in last year’s tough weather conditions.

“The farmers who regularly win these type of shows live and breathe the livestock business and the animals they turn out are tremendous examples of what is possible, given that sort of attention,” said Jamie.  “The animal I selected as champion at Thainstone really stood out while the top four in my Scottish National list were extremely close in quality. 

“What I particularly liked about the Scottish National event was the fact that farmers were encouraged to see their entries in carcase form.  You can definitely learn a lot as a producer from looking at the final product.”

Jamie followed his judging stint by purchasing some prize-winning cattle at the Christmas Classic, providing customers of John Scott Meat with the chance to taste the very best quality of Scotland’s 2012 output.

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Website launch

Working on our new website in recent weeks has been a good opportunity to re-focus attention on the core values of John Scott Meat. 

While we’ve always been aware of the importance of maintaining a close farm-to-butcher supply chain, it’s good to be reminded where that philosophy came from.  It has also been encouraging to recognise that while the sharp end of our business is always changing, today’s core values are the same now as they were in the late 1960s.

Quality livestock, reliable suppliers and loyal customers were the building blocks for the original business and still are, almost 45 years later.  

The other constant factor in the continuing growth and development of John Scott Meat is people and, as you’ll see from our staff profile page, we continue to depend on many members of staff to help our day-to-day operation run smoothly. 


We hope you’ll find the new website to be interesting, informative and enjoyable.

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