Our suppliers

The vast majority of the livestock we buy comes to us direct from a tried and trusted group of farmers.

Working with a hardcore of very experienced cattle and sheep producers means we seldom need to visit our suppliers. Our farmers already know what our customers like and have the necessary skills to produce to order.

We still buy a few cattle through the auction system.

Better weather at last!

Well done to producers for keeping livestock finishing standards so high this Spring, despite the atrocious weather of recent weeks.

Late snow, coupled with severe winds, left many with a huge amount of extra feeding and work, followed by heavy lamb crop losses in some cases.  Coming on the back of last year’s water-logged fields and damaged crops, this has been a particularly tough time for farmers.

We’re grateful therefore for the work our producers constantly put in to keep their end product to a high standard.


More of this for summer 2013 please!

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